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Photos >

Top Left - Ubud, Bali

Top Right - Helping Adam Williamson

co-founder of Art of Islamic Pattern

Bottom Left - Essaouira

Bottom Right > Marrakesh

Learn how to implement traditional craftsmanship principles to help execute beautiful harmonious BIOMORPHIC PATTERNS.

- What is Biomorphic Art ?

Derived from the greek word 'Bios' meaning LIFE & 'Morphe' meaning FORM - Biomorphic art portrays vegetal, organic forms found in nature - from plants to the human form.

In this workshop we will explore common movements by drawing

two-dimensional branching biomorphic images,

to create aesthetic harmony and illustrate evolutionary concepts.

because art making is for everyone

Class runs for 2 hours

What to bring >

Compass > Recommend compass > Helix or Stadler
A3 Visual Diary ( with a wash symbol )
Tracing paper
HB & 2B Pencil
Coloured Pencils/ Watercolour/Pens > *optional

All other materials provided
Manuals and class notes will be sent to you as a PDF for home practice.


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